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How to organize your Campaigns

How is a world different to a campaign

In World Anvil we decided to take a bit of a different approach than the normal "You create a campaign to play your game". We (Dimitris & Janet) believe that the worlds you create should not be used just once and then be forgotten, especially if you have put so many hours on them.

It is for this reason that in WA you create a World, and in this world you can play one or hundreds of campaigns, with the same or different players, one after the other, or all at the same time!

With each campaign your world will grow bigger and better, and having the ability to run many campaigns within the same world makes World Anvil the best tool to play competing storylines with different parties or to organize a West Marches / Living world campaign.

How to use this

Each campaign will require resources (Articles, maps, timelines etc) which are not going to be canon to your world, or they have a much smaller scope than your world. For example, the barmaid called Constanse might be extremely important to one of your characters or a plot in the campaign but not something you'd like to be part of the main lore of your world.

We have already created some subcategories for you to put your PCs and NPCs, your private notes (Vault) and plots and to use as a campaign staging area for locations which you are not sure if you will end up making part of your core lore.
Make sure to keep your Campaign Vault and plots always private. You don't want your players to find out what is coming next.
As always, feel free to delete, alter or expand as you see fit to make this suit your needs and your style of organization.

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