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Task Force Fortitude

We kill them all, and then some more

We all will die... death is certain.
So why should we fear death here?
— Flight Commander Qilea
  The battle of the Salt Plains was a complete victory for the Kalian League. Across the plains, ten thousand troops fled by sky, back towards the mountains from which they came. But Ryn knew that the Kalian troops were faster and stronger than her fatigued troops. A force needed to be assembled, that would guard the rear of her troops from the enemy vanguard.



Ryn, as long as I do breathe, the Kalian Guard will never be safe. We are few, but our courage matches their numbers.
— Qilea to Ryn
  The rearguard was a single over-strength flight of troops, thrown against seven hundred of the enemy's advance guard. With only thirty-three soldiers under her command, Flight Commander Qilea used every resource at her disposal to kill the enemy.


In terms of equipment and weaponry, the soldiers had next to nothing. Their greatest tool were the bronze darts that they were supplied with by Ryn. Carrying over one thousand flechettes, they put them to good use, skewering dozens of the tight-formation enemy in two waves.


We'll kill as many as we can, and then some more!
— Unknown Soldier
  The soldiers of Task Force Fortitude fought with everything that they had. Supplied with flechettes by Ryn, the troops swooped high on a thermal, dropping a small storm of darts at the enemy. Then, taking advantage of the confusion that ensued, the birds dived in unison, picking off who they could from the enemy formation.


Formerly a group of Ryn's own soldiers, Task Force Fortitude were utterly devoted to their commander and her troops. Out of the one hundred in the swarm she once commanded, a full one-third flew to their certain deaths in defense of their commander.
— Marina the Historian
  The unit was trained similarly to other swarms before formation: all were former members of the South Wing of the Salt Range. However, even before the battle, the soldiers of the swarm had distinguished themselves for strong combat. They were given a heavy indoctrination, swearing loyalty several times to the Ryn and the Salt Range.

Air Force
6,813 years ago
6,813 years ago
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