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Wahêru is the official auxiliary language used by the monarchs and their royal diplomatic corps who comprise the Federated Queendoms of Feldea, as well as those hoping to do business with extraplanetary entities such as the Cobalt Protectorate. An engineered language drawing upon a number of traditional languages local to Feldea, Wahêru is a tonal language that features set lengths for words based on the part of speech they represent, grammatical gender that defaults to female, and shifts in voicedness relating to mood.   Wahêru is a poetic language that nevertheless finds itself constantly involved with the occasionally brutal court intrigues of Feldean politics. The language is often described as 'smooth' and 'melodic,' with sharp consonants and abrupt stops being rare except as the tension in a given situation increases.


m, mj, n, nj, ŋ
b (p alt, d (t alt), g (k alt), qw (kh alt)
ʋ (f alt)
ɾ, ɫ (S2 or later only)
w, h (x alt)
s, z, ʃ, ʒ, ð
a, e, ə, j, i, o, u   Tones (per word):
꜔ (flat), ꜔꜒ (rising), ꜔꜖ (falling), ꜒꜔꜒ (dip), ꜖꜔꜖ (peak)


Almost all syllables are constructed as a consonant followed by a verb (CV), with up to five syllables (S1)(S2)S3(S4)(S5) forming a word.   As an additional note on morphology, all in Wahêru feature a set number of syllables based on the part of speech they represent. For example:   1 Syllable: Pronouns, prepositions
2 Syllables: Adjectives, adverbs
3 Syllables: Noun roots, verb roots
4 Syllables: Constructed adjectives, constructed adverbs
5 Syllables: Proper nouns, including appended title/honorific prefix and gender suffix
  Certain consonants in Wahêru have allophones (marked with 'alt' in the Phonology section) which are used to put a word in the emphatic or imperative mood. "biting off" the last vowel sound of a word 'doubles' the effect of this mood, and is used to establish a hierarchy of importance and specificity to one's statements. Indeed, it is common for Wahêru speakers to not so much use question words as imperatives of varying strength to request (or demand) a piece of information.

Sentence Structure

Sentences in Wahêru are constructed in the order of Subject-Verb-Object (SVO). Adjectives and adverbs preceed the words they modify.

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