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Time and Place

Named for an Evermornan aphorism that, no matter the time or place, one should act as though one is watched by the Ancestral Patrons and will, in turn, watch over the deeds of those who follow in their own footsteps, Time and Place is the official digital magazine of the Cobalt Knights.


The Time and Place is a sort of military trade journal, but it also contains pro-Protectorate propaganda meant to propagate beyond the Cobalt Knights' social circles. In a universe where the distance between inhabited worlds sometimes cannot be crossed even by light travelling for the span of an entire human lifetime, many interstellar polities have discovered that a system of subsidiarity is the only way to retain social, cultural, and political unity. In light of this understanding, Time and Place serves primarily as a vehicle for the promulgation of the principles of the Cobalt Protectorate as expressed through the deeds of its protectors, the Cobalt Knights.

Document Structure


Every issue of Time and Place opens with the aphorism for which it is named and ends with an invocation of the Cobalt Knights oath of office. What comes between these sections varies widely, but generally includes:   -A general news review summing up events large enough to have global, system, or regional implications; -Long-form news articles (redacted for operational security) about Cobalt Knights doing their work and encountering situations in which they upheld the principles and reputation of the organization; -Recent legal matters relating to the Code of Evermorn, which every Cobalt Knight is sworn to uphold; -Editorials about Evermornan culture, including religious topics and current events, that have some junction with life in the field; -Articles relating to the latest tools and techniques of the trade; and -Letters to the editor, which may include editors local to the PSTN receiving the issue as well as those back on Evermorn.

Publication Status

Issues of Time and Place are generated through contributions from throughout the Protectorate territories, published in both physical and digital formats by editors on Evermorn, and transmitted regularly over the planetary extranet and Protectorate Stellar Telegraphy Network.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

As an organization that includes non-human members who might not share the cultural heritage of the Evermornans, some readers take exception to the overtly Patronist slant of the Cobalt Knights' official magazine. However, the editors of the magazine have made it clear that the quasi-spiritual nature of the magazine has less to do with a bias towards Patronism over other religions (though that may be unavoidable) and more to do with the fact that spirituality can be a powerful motivator to adhere to the tenants of an organization when otherwise a member might falter. Every Cobalt Knight, whether religious or not - Patronist or not - is expected to uphold the Code and their oath to protect those who cannot protect themselves, galvanized by faith in the fact that they will be remembered for their honorable deeds. The editors of Time and Place do stress that, regardless of the religious beliefs of their readers, as long as any Cobalt Knights still live to read, they will still endeavor to provide the utmost moral support to their mission.

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