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Order of Paulus

The Order of Paulus - named for the snake-like spirit of healing, Paulus, in Ancestral Patronism - is a military honor bestowed upon those who suffer injury in honorable service with the Cobalt Knights.


Generally, the Order of Paulus is only bestowed upon someone who, in the service of the Cobalt Knights or in alliance with them through any of the various mutual defense pact forces of the Cobalt Protectorate, suffers combat-related injuries. Exceptions are occasionally made for otherwise non-combat personell who are injured in the course of supporting the Protectorate during combat actions, such as damage control crews, though these individuals are more often granted civilian honors and (if a Core citizen) civil merit increases.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Members of the Order of Paulus recieve a medal of commendation known as the Scale of Paulus. The Scale of Paulus is an iridescent green scale in the shape of a shield with a large drop of blood in the center. The drop is, if possible, dyed in part with the recipient's own blood, giving it both a powerful symbolic value within the Cobalt Knight warrior ethos and a means by which the emblem can be associated with its rightful owner at any time. For embroidered emblems or patches (see Cultural Significance), this practice is instead replaced with a ritual submersion in a mixture of rose water and pure honey at the local Ancestral forge-temple; these substances are traditionally considered medicinal in nature and, therefore, closely associated with Paulus' healing aspect.   Additional honors include a set of white feathered wings for those who were injured in the course of saving the lives of others (especially medical professionals) and a pair of fangs for those whose injuries were sustained as part of actions that took extraordinary tolls on enemy forces (especially heroic last stands or diverisonary actions). Wings arise from behind the Scale and embrace it, while fangs cross behind it with points downward.

Cultural Significance

Recipients of the Scale of Paulus typically display them with pride on dress uniforms and embroidered onto duty uniforms beneath unit patches on the left shoulder. Displaying a Scale of Paulus earns the wearer much respect from Cobalt Knights and, often, the public at large. Nevertheless, it is considered a minor faux pas to boast about the circumstances under which one attained the Order, and sharing the story is considered a sign that one has earned the trust of the wearer. After all, recieving a Scale is often wrapped up in personal traumas, and those who really know what the emblem means are aware of this fact.
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