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Man of the Frozen Woods

The Man of the Frozen Woods is a sort of 'psychic cryptid': a uniquely Evermornan manifestation of the classic sleep paralysis 'demon' presence, but as experienced by those waking up in the cold - or, especially, from a spell of cryostasis.


While the sense of being watched or the appearance of a dreamt-up figure is common in cases of normal sleep paralysis, the belief that this is the Man of the Frozen Woods is culturally-conditioned, tapping into the folkloric roots of the early Evermornan peoples. The legendry of Evermornan clans from the far north, such as Clan Harukiin, are replete with tales of hunters, explorers, and mysterious figures stumbling in from the biting cold of winter storms in a state of delirious hypothermia. These strangers might mean well or ill to their rescuing hosts once they warm up, and the tales use the fear of this unknown as a way to build dramatic tension.   For this reason, when an Evermornan experience sleep paralysis in combination with the cold, they tend to equate the presence they feel with one of these mythical half-frozen strangers rather than the traditionally Lepidosian or Feldean descriptions of a demonic entity. The appearance of vascular 'shadows' when the sleeper strains or rubs their eyes may enhance the association with these legends by giving the impression of 'branches' or 'trees' appearing before the victim's eyes - the 'frozen woods' from whence the 'man' comes.

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