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LimbOS is a portable operating system designed by Evermornan biotechnologists to simplify the setup, maintenance, and operation of cybernetic prostheses and augmentations, particularly those involving the central nervous system.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

LimbOS provides a number of advantages that set it apart from competing products. LimbOS features a NUI (neuroelectric user interface) that attunes itself to the unique neurological structure of its user using advanced machine learning algorithms. The software does much of the hard work of mapping sensory inputs and motor outputs to nerves or regions of the brain exposed to it. Thus, while other hand-constructed operating systems require the user to train and learn the capabilities provided by the software as they go along, LimbOS learns alongside the user and 'meets them in the middle.' This greatly reduces the problem of phantom limb syndrome in those who have undergone cybernetic surgery to correct nerve damage or non-elective amputation.   Many with cranial implants have LimbOS directly installed into special drives within said implants, but LimbOS data is designed so that it can be stored in firmware or even procedurally 'baked' or hardware when used in combination with chip auto-fabricators. Thus, even if the user doesn't have permanent neurological implantation, important aspects of the prostheses' settings, behaviors, and interactions with the user's neurophysiology will persist within the unit after the patient leaves the cyberneticist's care. Changes to the settings and functionality of a supported implant can be made with the aid of an internal system, jack, or headset running LimbOS in the comfort of the patient's own home or, in the case of augmentations related to an occupation (i.e. brain-vehicle interfaces), the job site itself. For example, when Knight-Airman Enzo Salt adjust his sensoriate for comfort and readability after jacking into the ESCI Revelation's flight control systems, he makes those adjustments with the LimbOS distro local to a micro-computer near his hindbrain.   Because tweaks could hypothetically alter the health or behavior of the patient, LimbOS features incredibly sophisticated data security in its own right - doubly so for the many Cobalt Knights operators, such as space pilots. Even so, distros installed in neurological augmentations are often further protected with external cybersecurity options, including field-proof meshing in the skill, jammers concealed within smart apparel, separate firewalls within personal devices expected to interface with LimbOS, and trusted HLAI technicians on-call at the nearest cybernetics ward.

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LimbOS is the most widely used operating system for the advanced cybernetics of the Cobalt Protectorate, though it is not the only one.

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