Candy Jade

Candy jade (or candy glass) is a form of hard candy frequently found in settlements, both terrestrial and spaceborne, operated by the Cobalt Protectorate.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Straps of candy jade tend to be around an inch wide, and inch and a half long, and about a quarter inch thick.   Aside from being sweets, candy jade also provide their consumers with a little bit of visual and textural stimulation as well. They usually feature complex, raised designs - like animals, fanciful scenes of fantasy adventure or space exploration, the visages of corporate mascots or figures from entertainment franchises, and more - in the manner of stone totems from some bygone age. Some packs include jades designed to be used together as simple game sets, featuring the faces of cards or game tiles. Auto-factories are programmed to print or stamp out each candy, then anneal them to ensure maximum clarity and smoothness, allowing for a level of detail unparalleled by the standards of most flesh-and-blood confectioners. Examining the varied contents of a pack of candy jades glittering in ploychrome diode light, then exploring their surprisingly detailed surfaces of the off-green sweets with one's tongue, is an easy way for bored spacers to while away the interminable hours of tedium their job sometimes entails.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Raw materials & Components
Candy jade strips are predominantly made of glucose derived from the same transgenic algae species that often inhabit closed environment life support systems (CELSS) aboard starships. The name 'candy jade' is more common in space than 'candy glass' because, in part, the algae imparts some of its natural coloration on the end product; large manufacturing plants on planet surfaces do a better job of purifying glucose and also tend to use plants without strong coloration as precursors.   Candy jade is often coated in a thin layer of food-grade oil or wax to enhance its luster and reduce its perishability. Some varieties are also suffused with trace nutrients to supplement a growing spacer's diet, while others may contain caffiene extracts or green tea powder to provide a kick of energy.

Cover image: by Beat Schuler (edited by BCGR_Wurth)


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