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Helsvuht System

Public astrographic record
Property of the Royal Atheneum of Hövnís, Eörpe

The solar system of Helsvuht received its name from a simple compounding of the first four letters of its two central suns, Helsiinak and Vuhttnja. It’s a small but busy one, featuring a total of eight major stellar bodies.   Helsvuht's inclusion into one of the Ascendancy's many reserves zones have protected its planetoids from all forms of resource gathering and other exploitation for centuries.  


The system can be reached via a pair of riftgates constructed close to the orbit of its second planet Juoyl, paired with riftgates from Lusoya and Savsci respectively. Due to the preservation status of Biegjun, most ships aren’t allowed to stay in system for a prolonged time. A small security locus hovering near them act as traffic control and enforcers of local law regarding unnecessary loitering or attempts to travel outside of the riftgate lane boundaries.  


The innermost level, consists of two K-class suns in a tight binary orbit, each of circa 0.5 solar masses and 0.035 luminosity.   The second level hosts the planet Biegjun and its moon, the gas giant Juoyl and its 40 moons, as well as two M-class stars of circa 0.08 solar masses and 0.03 luminosity. The orbital period of this level is considered the standard of 1 year for the system. Three of the four bodies are distributed in a 60° angle along the orbit, with one star being flanked by the planet and the gas giant. The second M-class star is located directly perpendicular to the first M-class star on the same orbital level.   The third level rest roughly halfway between the second and fourth level, and consists of a thin asteroid belt. Most of its objects are relatively small and composed primarily of ice.   The fourth and outermost ring features two A-class stars in binary orbit, both of roughly 2 solar masses and 12 luminosity. Their orbital period is 50 years.  
The Rosepetal Galaxy

Astrographic Data

Asurla's Wake
Suszukoro Reserve Zone
Central Star(s)
Binary Pair (Helsiinaak, Vuhttnja)
Additional Star(s)
Binary Pair (Atakieh, Lihkuus)
2 (Lusoya - Biegjun - Savcsi)
The Ascendancy

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Nov 16, 2023 19:07 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Really interesting little solar system. :) I always find binary star systems really interesting. The fact there are other stars in orbit too is really fun!   (Pretend I pressed send on this comment earlier when I liked the article.)

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Nov 16, 2023 23:46 by Nimin N

They are, yeah! Was fun mathing and mapping out this system as a part of my "... could there be a habitable planet out there with no real night hours?" speculation project. :)