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Tree Shadow

Tree Shadow is the daughter of Moon Wish, and an uncomfortable participant in her mother's plans for leadership of the village. As a first girl four generations deep and daughter of the village's Woman Woman, she occupies a position of considerable prestige for a girl too young for her first blood, but because of her quiet temperament and shy disposition, she does not enjoy it.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Tree Shadow's mother is identical twins, held in the women's culture to be the same person in two simultaneous incarnations, but the conflict between them is so venomous that they cannot live under the same roof. Although Tree Shadow was less than a year old when her mother evicted the other, the animosity remains a constant presence in the home. Her mother intends for Tree Shadow to succeed her as Woman Woman, and presses her to form friendships with the other first girls. Tree Shadow is a good listener and could successfully make friends if allowed to do so on her own terms, but her mother's instructions on how to handle social interactions have sabotaged her chances at any good relationships.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Her favorite girl game to play is hiding.  While most first girls prefer to play the role of hunter, Tree Shadow always chooses to hide for the excuse of finding a quiet place to be alone for a while.  She will sometimes claim she is playing it even when there is no one hunting.

View from the future

Tree Shadow's hope for a peaceful life never materialized. She was a woman, but still a young one, when the village factions broke out in fighting. Moon Wish's faction prevailed, but was cut off from the rest of the women's villages, and the population entered a steady decline. Tree Shadow became Woman Woman as her mother wished--the last matriarch of a dying village.

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