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Moon Wish

As a first girl of a first girl, Moon Wish was born into a position of high respect and influence.  As identical twins with very different personalities, they use that influence in often conflicting ways.  
Moon Wish stores up long-term social capital through cultivating relationships.  As a girl she was called Tumble because she would laugh so hard at jokes and stories that she rolled herself over, a habit she cultivated to ingratiate herself to her peers.
Moon Wish lives in the moment, seizing opportunities for immediate gain.  She earned the nickname Singing for her habit of speaking melodically, an affectation that she found made it more likely others would do what she was asking.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Women believe that identical twins are the same person born twice.  Therefore when Strong Blood gave birth to twin first girls, both received the same name.  They had their Feast of First Blood at the same time even though only Singing had begun menstruating, and they became a woman jointly when Tumble had her first girl. They lived together in the same house until Singing had a baby. She named the girl Great Tree, a high-value first-girl name, which enraged Tumble. By tradition, Great Tree was Moon Wish's second child, and should have been named accordingly. Tumble declared that if Singing wanted to have her own first girl as if she were a separate woman, she must also have her own house.   Now that they are Woman Woman of the village, the tension between them has only increased. Tumble sets her sights on future goals, putting women and girls into her debt through granting favors. Singing often accepts debt-canceling gifts, undoing that careful work. The hostility between Moon Wish has bled over into and exacerbated disagreements between other women in the village. One Moon Wish holds firm to traditions and customs, while the other cheerfully agrees with anyone she happens to be talking to, leaving women on both sides of a dispute with the belief that they have Woman Woman's support.

Failures & Embarrassments

The biggest source of dispute in the village is one directly of Moon Wish's own making. Migrating boys customarily stay in different villages during the rainy season, but because of an incident between Singing and a small boy pack, they have been mostly avoiding Moon Wish Village in recent years.
Currently Held Titles
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

View from the future

Singing's death ended the confusion of two Woman Women working at cross-purposes, but it was too late to stabilize divisions in the village. Anger over the disappearing boys erupted into an insurrection. Without the interference of a twin, Moon Wish held enough support to win the conflict, but it was a Pyrrhic victory. One third of the women were either banished or dead, and the other villages cut their ties with her.
But that's not all...
It was one of Moon Wish's children who led the insurrection and subsequent escape down the river to the continent's coast, making her the ancestor of multiple civilizations that are still going strong after 12,000 years.

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