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The Worldeater Kraken

"The beast shattered the world around it, the Rip itself warping and roiling. The Heroes had no chance. Their bodies were consumed, and their souls were torn to shreds. The beast itself was a mass of eyes and flesh, of writhing tendrils, of screaming faces and arms, of mouths and legs. The world itself was its victim, and only the Chosen could stop it."


The myth speaks of a massive kraken, larger even than the other krake. This beast was said to be created by something older than even Ohn'Tah, deep within the ocean. This creature is said to be the destroyer of the world, the final deathknell for all that live within the Rip. It will cleanse the world of people and demons alike.   First, the oceans will boil. Second, the Krake will sing uninterrupted. Third, the Krake will begin to rise from the depths. Fourth, the sky will turn to black, and the tides will rise, consuming the land. Last, the Worldeater will come forth, and destroy what remains.

Historical Basis

The Worldeater Krake is based on a battle between a group of Heroes, and a group of Disciples, and a truly massive Krake. The Heroes and Disciples were killed, and the Krake would have begun to wreak havoc, had it not been smote by Ohn'Tah's will.


The myth is common knowledge among Clerics and Scholars within the Draconic Empire, and any learned people throughout the Rip. There is physical evidence of the conflict throughout the Rip, such as broken mountains and ancient destroyed cities.

Variations & Mutation

The foretelling of the apocalypse was added by the Draconic Orhtodoxy, in order to give the myth more weight. It is believed, after all, that the Krake never died.

Cultural Reception

The people fear the Krake greatly, and whenever the Krakesong grows too loud, or the ocean can be seen roiling, the people of Nazeth begin to worry.

In Literature

The myth has been recorded in many books, and is included in the Golden Skin's Circle History, believed to be the founding of their Band. The myth is also recorded within the Book of the Archons.

In Art

There are many depictions of the myth, in the Draconic Empire. There are scattered references to it in other civilizations, but those that knew the most about it, the Ancients, have all been wiped out.
Date of First Recording
The myth is recorded before the Draconic Empire.
Date of Setting
Before the unification of the Empire.

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