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The Ar'Ahk

"All will join our web. Men. Lords. Kings. Demons. Gods. All will join our web of souls. None shall escape us." -Lifeweaver Ha'leks

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

The Ar'Ahk have sharp, flowing names, such as Harrax or Se'Leax.

Family names

Ar'Ahk names are not based on family, but on caste. Each different caste performs a vital role within the swarm, each supporting each other.   LifeWeavers are the healers and priests of the Ar'Ahk Warriors are the soldier caste of the Ar'Ahk Tricksters are the spies of the Ar'Ahk, able to shift into the shape of other races Nobles lead the other castes, and the hordes, as well as laying eggs Kings lead the nobles, and are ferocious warriors Hunters secure food for the Ar'Ahk Drones are the countless masses of Ar'Ahk that dwell beneath the surface, in the caves and mountains.


Major language groups and dialects

The Ar'Ahk commonly speak with rattling clicking voices, and they usually speak the language of Dragons, or the Low Tongue.

Culture and cultural heritage

The Ar'Ahk value the swarm, and the Web of Souls. Any war, any battle with outsiders, is meant to feed the swarm, and feed the Web of Souls.

Shared customary codes and values

The Ar'Ahk value the well being of the swarm above all things. Any who deviate from this are considered outsiders, and treated accordingly. The Ar'Ahk also value lightweight keepsakes, that can be kept on their person.

Average technological level

The Ar'Ahk have only recently begun shaping their own metal.

Common Etiquette rules

The Ar'Ahk value the swarm above all other things. The Ar'Ahk are harsh with their words, and disregard outsiders. Those caught within the web of souls are not considered outsiders, and are valued highly for their wisdom.

Common Dress code

The Ar'Ahk are massive spiders, and don't wear clothes.

Art & Architecture

The Architecture of the Ar'Ahk is strange, with massive arcs and buttresses. The buildings seem to defy gravity, held up only by the steely threads of web the Ar'Ahk use.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The Ar'Ahk feed the web of souls, a massive group of slain spirits and ghosts that are chained to the Ar'Ahk. This Web is valued above all things. These spirits and ghosts are treated with honor and respect, even if they were outsiders in life. The Web of Souls is the most important thing in Ar'Ahk culture, even above the swarm. The Web is honored every month, with a great feast.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

As the Ar'Ahk are born in massive groups, there are no real birth rites for them.

Coming of Age Rites

As most Ar'Ahk are born, and age, in large groups, there are few rites.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The Ar'Ahk honor their dead by inducting them into the Web of Souls, seeking the guidance of their spirits after death. The Ar'Ahk celebrate the life of the individual, with feasts and entertainment.

Common Taboos

Going against the Swarm is a massive taboo in Ar'Ahk society.

Common Myths and Legends

The Ar'Ahk creation myth is that the All-Queen wove the Land from the web, that the Gods were created from her eggs, and that the Ar'Ahk were the first sentient race in the Rip, created from the All-Queen's venom, dripping from her fangs.

Historical figures

King Halt'Aerax was the most significant King of the Ar'Ahk in recent memory, leading his swarms against the Draconians. He was ultimately defeated, his body broken and beaten, the swarm retreating with his corpse.


Beauty Ideals

The Ar'Ahk find beauty in spun webs. They also find beauty in minerals and the glimmering pools of soulwell deep within the Rip.

Gender Ideals

The Ar'Ahk lack any concept of gender. Only the nobles lay eggs.

Courtship Ideals

There is no real courtship ritual for the Ar'Ahk, as only the nobles lay eggs.

Relationship Ideals

The Ar'Ahk form deep spiritual bonds with those within their caste, in their kingdom.

Major organizations

Each Caste is organized by the nobles.   There are many Kingdoms of the Ar'Ahk. The Kingdoms rarely work together, but when they do, they are incredibly strong.

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