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Draconians gathered around the table, watching the players. Wordlessly, the Legionnaire placed a card, and an Arcanic image of the Blightspeaker, Tareeth, appeared on the battlefield. The other player handed the Legionnaire his coins, then gathered his cards and left.


Militants was created as a card game originally printed within the Draconic Empire. The game began as a simple way for young trainees to practice their tactical skills, and gradually evolved into a game that most people in the Rip have passing knowledge of. Expansions have been made as conflicts change the face of the Rip. As time has gone on, the game has been used for a method of gambling, as it relies both on skill and luck.   The game has established a way for the Legion to infiltrate Criminal Enterprises as the Legionnaire Card Slingers can infiltrate these organizations with no weapons, instead using durnan backed cards with sharpened edges. These cards can be used to incapacitate enemies for capture, and can carry enchantments. It is rare that these cards are used to kill.   It is rumored that a Disciple once beat Motros at a game of Militants, and so was allowed to leave the encounter with his life.


Militants is played with two decks that are a minimum of forty cards. These cards are used to represent places or people within the Rip. These cards project a small Arcanic form of their art, due to the Arcane Crystals in the paper. Each player represents an Empire or force within the Rip, and tries to eliminate the other player by either destroying their stronghold, or using a card that has a win condition on it.

Components and tools

All that is needed is a forty card deck and a way to keep track of stronghold integrity.


Each game must have two or more players.


These games are played wherever there is room and time. Militants is most often played in bars, marketplaces, or wherever social gatherings are held. These games can have stakes, which is usually money, or just for fun.

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