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Dome of Souls

The shimmering forms of spirits appear in the dome, a massive coliseum of stands surrounding a large open space in the middle. Over the coliseum is the dome, projecting the souls of the dead into the coliseum itself.

Purpose / Function

A Dome of Souls is used to establish a connection to the Web of Souls, and to communicate with the dead. The Dome is most commonly used as a method for nobles to seek advice from the dead, though grieving Ar'Ahk sometimes visit to speak with caste members they have lost.


As a Dome of Souls grows, more Arcane Nodes are placed upon the surface of the Dome itself. These help to focus the Arcane Energy in the area, allowing the Souls to manifest within the Coliseum under the Dome, and help defend it. These nodes can also make large Arcs of energy, used to lash out at invaders. A large net of webbing has been added to the outside of Soul Domes. This net is also used to help focus the Arcane Energy of the area, so that souls may manifest. The net also catches drips of Soulwell that come from cracks in the stone above. This Soulwell is stored in basins beneath the Coliseum, for later use.


The Dome itself is made from a condensed form of Soulwell, and then small nodes of Arcane Crystal are placed upon it. On the underside of the Dome is a series of webbing, with each thread connected to the nodes on the outside of the dome, with a small hole in each indentation. The crystals are coated with webbing, which helps to condense the energy, and protect the crystals from wear and tear. The Coliseum is made from stone, and the seats are split up into separate areas for each caste. Each section has a shrine that is devoted to the dead, connected to the web above with a long rope of webbing.


Soul Domes have always been established within the cities of the Ar'Ahk, being created as soon they learned how to shape Soulwell.
Alternative Names
Soul Dome
Cathedral / Great temple

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