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Arcanic Dis-resonance

"The patient's mind has been forcibly disconnected from his Arcane Core. He is wracked with hallucinations and paranoia, and cannot trust us. I recommend consultation with Clerics and immediate removal from the front line for treatment. He is of no use to us, right now." -Letrah, Disciple of Kurez

Transmission & Vectors

This condition is not infectious.


Arcanic Dis-resonance is caused by great sustained stress, which causes the Arcane Core to work faster than the mind. This is most often seen on the front lines of warzones, in soldiers. Certain types of demonic magic have been known to cause it, as well.


Arcanic Dis-resonance most often manifests with hallucinations and paranoia. These symptoms start rather minor, such as hearing one's name called and feeling eyes on the back of one's head, but as they go untreated, they worsen to the point where the sufferer cannot distinguish between friend and foe, and will often attack their former allies.   Sometimes, Arcanic Dis-resonance will manifest as a frothing, mad rage, or a deep melancholy. It is incredibly important that the sufferer is found and brought to clerics for healing.


The sufferer must be taken to clerics, who will first work at easing paranoia and hallucinations with a mixture of trust building and Arcane Therapy.   In the case of more dangerous cases of Arcanic Dis-resonance, it may take more time to cure, or the only cure may be the Quiet Mercy.


Untreated, victims can take as little as three days to descend into total madness, or up to a week. At this stage, treatment is impossible.


Those who have been afflicted with Arcanic Dis-resonance are more vulnerable to Arcane Corruption later in life.


Clerics prevent soldiers from being effected by delivering sermons or recruiting bards to improve morale. The Arcanic causes of Arcanic Dis-resonance are prevented by resisting the spellcraft.


Luckily, this disease does not spread by contact.


The first recorded history of Arcanic Dis-resonance is most likely a legend of a Legionnaire Captain striking down one of his battle brothers.   Enough Disciples have been afflicted with this condition that the Disciples of Karick are trained in the execution or capture of corrupted Disciples.

Cultural Reception

The people of the Rip generally accept Arcanic Dis-resonance as a sad fact of life, treating those suffering from the condition with a mixture of pity and sadness.

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