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The Rift

Day 274 Year 82598

Created by

The Rift divides us.
Divides two differing worlds. Dividing peoples. Driving a blade through relationships.
Creating a Rift between Us.
  The Rift is an asteroid field that separates two halves of a galaxy; one ravaged by war and despair, and the other blissfully ignoring the plights of their fellow beings. One people's desire for power and control has reached beyond their own planet. The dying planet of Aten was the first to fall under Saeris control. Thule and Oberon fell next. Cressida and Themis, the home worlds of peoples with the abilities to end the Saeris' rule, remain untouched and ignorant of what is happening in the other side of their galaxy.   Humans are on the brink of extinction and their homeworld, Aten, left a barren wasteland after millenniums of neglect. The closely related species, Zahren, drastically growing across the Saeris controlled planets. A monarchy cut down and a people left without hope on Oberon. The people of Thule isolated in compounds that have withheld against the Saeris invaders. Across Aten, groups of people continue to fight back against their Saeris invaders. A rebellion brewing and a revolution in the making. An old legend resurfaces and sparks hope in a dying world.