Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

My Pledge to Myself

I, Stephanie/DMmyali, will reach Gold during this year's Summer Camp focusing on articles for around the Bad Bug Campaign. I will also be providing myself grace if I do not reach my goal of Gold. If I am able I would love to reach Diamond this year. I will schedule time to write and focus on writing daily even for 20 minutes.

Rending Lands Playlist

Creative Goal and Motivation

I will be working on articles building out my new world of The Rending Lands specifically focuses on articles for the upcoming Bad Bug Campaign.

Challenge Goal

Last year I reached Silver plus a few more articles; with that I upping my goal to reach Gold this year. Also as a stretch goal for myself I would like to reach Diamond.

Set Up

My set up last year was visually appealing and a great reference of what was done and what still needed to be completed. I will replicate that again this year.  


I will be focusing on building out the starting area in and around Dragonshade and the places the campaign may be moving towards.


I will focus on what does the leadership/government look like in Rishox and very high level of the other continents.


This is a new world (for me and in existence) so there is always more to discover and I am betting that the campaign will come up with some new ones I haven't thought about yet.


Maybe there will be some homebrewed monsters that come from the group's comics?

Imagery and Inspiration

by DMmyali
by DMmyali
by DMmyali

Articles under Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

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