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Naming Conventions

All names in the Realm have meaning. Children are named three days after their birth in a naming ceremony, and parents may choose any Gachdak noun or adjective for their child, although some names are far more common.

Family Names

Every villager in the Realm has two family names: their maternal name and their paternal name. Maternal names are based on a woman's village of origin, and paternal names are based on a man's occupation. A child will use their mother's village of origin and their father's occupation. Upon reaching the age of majority, a young woman will use her own village of origin and a young man will use his own occupation.

Consult The Gachdak Dictionary to see the names of the occupations.

Common First Names

The most common children's names come from positive words and admirable traits. Naming a child after a living family member is uncommon (mostly due to the confusion it would cause), but children are commonly named after deceased friends and relatives.

Feminine Names

  • Haaða (flower)
  • Leefa (fern)
  • Lora (kind)
  • Siiya (pretty)
  • Vælrin (river)
  • Yænna (song)

Masculine Names

  • Deemac (clever)
  • Haalan (tree)
  • Miila (sun)
  • Vaal (sky)
  • Veelam (ram)
  • Yaa (ocean)

Unisex Names

  • Diira (bright)
  • Ðiiva (lucky)
  • Hem (brave)
  • Naava (moon)
  • Nitba (loyal)

Uncommon Names

Because a parent may name their child with any word, many Gachnifs have less common names. Consult The Gachdak Dictionary for examples of less common names.

Naming Taboos

Names are generally positive. Naming a child after a negative trait or thing is frowned on. It is also taboo to name a child after a god or monster, and the mage performing the naming ceremony will usually refuse to give a child such a name.
Related Ethnicities
Example: A woman named "Lucky", who is from the village of Saayath and whose father is a guard captain
Gachdak: Ðiiva Saayað Nuuva
English: Thiiva of Saayath
Example: A man named "Sky", whose mother is from the village of Mora, and who works as a mage
Gachdak: Vaal Mora Befyæn
English: Vaal the Mage


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