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Templeton Tonic

Templeton was born to Half Elven farmhand peasants on Lamben Farms in the Fields of Calen. From the time he was a young lad, helping to till the fields and herd the livestock, he dreamed of the wild places, untamed by habitation. As the years passed and he found himself with more and more siblings, he decided the time had come to venture off into the greater world.   He found stillness and solitude in the northern mountains and with the Greenfolk along the way, as well as plenty of danger, and wild plants he had never imagined. One day he took a sizable spill in a remote ravine. Injured and with little hope, he was found and tended to by a healer who sparked a lifelong love of plant lore.   If you happen across Templeton today in the wild lands, you will know him by the clinking of his pack, with a camp stove, bottles and tubes and mortar and pestle, ready to distill or grind up a potion for whatever is ailing you.
Here in the real world, Templeton Tonics is an internet cult favorite pomade brand whose obsessive fanbase is well-earned. Handcrafted in small batches in the Pacific Northwest, this one-man operation makes perfect firm-holding pomades and a mythical multi-purpose tonic we can't get enough of in shop.
Current Status
Wandering the wild places
Year of Birth
1180 AF 841 Years old
5 feet 8 inches


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