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Emerald Honey

The protected enclave of Nîdh is a refuge for creatures of every sort that makes their homes there, or wander through. One species that have taken up residence in the area in droves are the exceptionally fat and fuzzy honeybees of the Plains of Talath, known as Spring Bees.   The Spring Bees of Nîdh feed on the flora of the forest, and produce a deep emerald colored honey that tastes slightly of green tea, honeysuckle flowers, and the flowers of the sweet green melons that grow on the farms just across the rivers. The best version of it is gathered in the Falspring, when the widest array of forest blooms are aflower, a spoonful of that prime season honey is thought to bring good luck.
In the real world, Emerald Honey is the Apothecary's May lip butter flavor of the month • Honeydew, Honeysuckle & Green Tea
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Very Rare
Originates from one small place, and sold locally for a rather high price, this item is not widely distributed.
Mote of Luck: Roll a d20, you can swap that roll for any other d20 roll


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