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Elder Rose Cordial

In the deep shadow of the Vale of Aduial the huge, velvety red and black roses tumble from every rocky crag. The petals of these roses are distilled and blended with the extracts of the glossy tart black elderberries and pale green oblong sweet berries that grow on the vines in the hills and ripen in Falwinter.   The resulting cordial is intoxicating in a particularly amorous manner, and thus is a staple in, without fail, every single brothel in the Realm. Fair warning, you may find yourself rather charming with this elixir in your system, but you're also rather susceptible to charm yourself.
In the real world, Elder Rose is the Apothecary's February lip butter flavor of the month • Elderberry, Champagne & Rose Candy
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Elder Rose is available more widely in the elven lands, but it is a rare product that makes its way to every kingdom in the Realm, if only in the brothels in the further reaches.
Advantage on CHA checks, disadvantage on Saves against being charmed


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