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Their culture revolves around the forest, as much as it revolves around them. They are so intertwined with it, that to harm one, would be to harm the other. The last survivors of the Fara are unique in this aspect, as since their brethren have died out, they have evolved beyond their ancestors link with the world. Here, the Fara are able to embody and merge with the local flora, prizing open their trunks and entering, to fuse their consciousness with the tree. They are free to leave the connection at any time, but while fused they are able to see and feel anything that tree does, if it's connected to another piece of flora, then it extends it's reach to those too, and so on. This has allowed some gifted individuals to obtain the skill and knowledge to become Tree-Walkers, as they are able to fully embrace the flora, and are able to uproot it, so as to allow movement whilst encased. These Tree-Walkers are often leaders and teachers.   This came about through a culture that revers life, where they worship and care for everything in their realm. They will only use resources from trees or animals that have died naturally, and will then replace the lost resources by growing or breeding as necessary.
Encompassed species

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