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Bestiary February Challenge

This is a collection of links for Bestiary February!      


The Blue Dare Milking Cow This article is not new for the challenge, but it is updated and it's relevant to the prompt--and it has a genetics table I'm kinda proud of managing in WA.  


Once, there were Dragons.  


The tiny and beautiful Glowclings are found almost exclusively within The Burrows of the Gornfar Mountains. These minute predators emit an ethereal light in the underground darkness, luring close insects which feed on the specialized cave moss, which in turn uses the light the glowclings provide.  


It is difficult to hear—that is, it is difficult to discern, at the edge of human hearing. But The Voice of the Mountain is sometimes described as an improbable "soft roar."  


The Freeze, feared during The Spawning - Baskings, is an unclear condition on its own, but it will nearly always lead to a horrific death.  


Use caution when visiting The Burrows. It is a beautiful place, but it is not as empty as it appears.  


They're cute, but they're wriggly. Ferrets have been occasional pets among the nobility since Quade the Queen's Ferret of old.


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