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Musashi is the creation of Tom Cooney.   Musashi is a member of the Gis Revenus crime syndicate. He is a kitsune fey from Dakath, a trained swordsman, who seeks to challenge the strong. He joined the GRG after seeing their leader, Gojira, defeat the Dormant Cult. Though Gojira died in that historic battle at Tel'ul, Musashi still wanted to one day challenge that great hero to a fight. Thus, he joined the effort to resurrect him, travelling back in time to the era of the Seraph of Spring, in the Droplets of Turm. While he did not take part in the completion of that mission at Ul Salvation, he remained behind and led the GRG Spring Division since after witnessing the revival of Gojira, he noticed that he would need to gather more strength to fight him. He also found a new power to test his mettle, his once friend and now powerful necromancer Creed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Written by Tom:   "My father was a great martial artist. He carried the title of 'invincible under the sun'. He roamed traveling between many of the best dojos in the land, challenging their top disciples and winning every time. However, as was not a great dad. he was never around and he taught me nothing. One of my earliest memories was the thought 'being invincible under the sun must be great if its better than spending time with me'. The people of the village treated me with scorn. They saw me as the useless son of a deadbeat dad. I didn't know how to farm rice nor did my family owned a rice patty.   I spent my childhood mostly alone in the wilderness outside the village hunting for my own food. Through the infrequent visits my father made back to our 'home' I watched him train. When he left I would do my best to imitate his training regimen. Eventually I asked him to spar with me. He laughed and said it was a waste of his time. That night, after he went to bed I killed him in his sleep. 'Not so invincible in the dark now are you'.   Following in my father's footsteps I also began traveling between dojos. Instead of introducing myself as invincible under the sun I asked for training. Over time my skills grew, and eventually I outgrew the smaller dojos. When sparing I would beat my opponent a little too hard. As I moved up the chain of larger and more skilled dojos I began thinking of myself as invincible under the sun. On my 20th birthday I challenged the leader of the largest dojo of all, the Yoshioka. Our bout started as friendly sparing, but it became clear that neither of us intended to back down. The only end would be the death of Yoshioka or myself. I emerged victorious. That night all 73 members of the Yoshioka dojo ambushed me as I left town unable to come to terms with their master's death.   Ever since that night I understood myself a little more. My battle against Yoshioka was an unrivaled thrill. Slaying all 73 of his followers allowed me to truly understand what it means to kill. To take away a child's father, a loving husband. But such is the way of the sword. Now I seek to find and fight as many strong opponents as I can. Others who have split their dedication between swordsmanship and family, but only to the way of the sword. Others who may think of themselves as invincible under the sun."

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