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The Path to Veritas

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Veritas, the reality in which all life aspires to, but does not know how to achieve. From every plane, realm, universe and existence creatures are invited to join the path to this ultimate truth. Seven stages they will walk, each one growing them closer to the essence of Veritas. Yet, are always denied at the gate, sent back to the beginning of the path to attempt endlessly.   Neih, the stage of birth, the natural start, filled with wonder and confusion. Everything is magical and filled with beauty. One can almost feel Veritas in the outflow of the atmosphere and can taste it in the mist and fruit. The invitation and beginning for all on the path. A mighty Cosmic Tree ushering in life.   Hah, the stage of freedom, openness and possibility, one will soar through the endless expanse of nothing and everything. Partakers are filled with the emptiness. So much to do, and all the time to do it. Flow with the Cosmic Windstorm, navigating the wind streams of the Goddess' hair.   Tuth, the stage of rebellion, the realm of reaction, the place of realization that what pleases one does not please all. Struggle and conflict, destroyers and reformers. The architect of unwanted desires yet sifter of needless impositions. Swim through the shifting thoughts of the uncertain mind. Confront indecision and fancy of the Cosmic Psyche.   More, the stage of union, To give into love. The place of sacrifice and bondage, to lose heavily but gain something profound. The Cosmic Relationship, emotional center, the heart of the path. The place of feeling and community, the respite of a home. One does not know the burdens they amass until they let it go, and one does not know what is important until it is gone.   Mineos, the stage of fulfillment. The Cosmic Comet, realm of the divine. The place of full enjoyment and perceived completion and satisfaction. Many are tempted to hang their hats here, becoming statues within the contentment, or live out endless days until they are forgotten. But, this remains a stage along the journey, a trial and temptation to be overcome.   Frit, the stage of Burning, the long wait of fire and cold. The stage of patience, when what excited and brought meaning has lost its gumption. Where the followers burn for more, let all they have is cold. Work is all that is here, duty and perseverance one's only comfort. Carry your burden.   Uz, the stage of Ending. The final stage, where death and decay awaits. The great hindrance of the pilgrims of Veritas, but the ultimate strengthener of them. It guards the door so that the feeble will not be consumed, sending them back to the start renewed to become even greater. The Cosmic Last Breath, eternally held at the gate to Veritas, where the sins of countless souls are left to manifest hatred onto souls who knock on the gate. Let in this cesspool is the final hope of all along the path, the difficulties but the chaff left behind to be consumed in fire.   Will any attain Veritas?

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