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Tradebird Foothills

Though the Tradebird Foothills do not bear the distinction of being the tallest mountains on Svene, they are still popular with climbers, as they require more technical expertise than some of the taller peaks. In my youth, I actually spent some time climbing just to go to the foothills. Of course, I was after magic. After all, while they are not the tallest mountains, this range does bear the distinction of being closest to the equator, which means they are of great significance to the Shadowcasters .   Though the Shadowcasters do not have official leaders or official meetings as others do, they do have an annual event. All Shadowcasters are allowed to attend, though being located in the Tradebird Foothills does limit who actually goes. For I've heard, however, almost every Shadowcaster has been at least once. The event occurs during the fall equinox, partway up Naivual, which is roughly the center peak. The Shadowcasters believe that on this day, at this place, they can connect with the balance of the world to better feel what needs to be done. It is not a meeting, but a ritual.   To perform the ritual, the Shadowcasters stand in a circle and perform a sequence of spells in unison. Though I have not been able to figure out exactly what the sequence is, based on the gestures, it appears they call on several opposing forces to join them in the circle--first light, then shadow, and ending in life followed by death. This is the only place I have a seen a spell summoning death used, though I have read about it. They end with a series of gestures I have never seen before, but I have heard they call on Svene itself to speak to them. If the sequence is properly timed, it ends as dusk begins, and the Shadowcasters stand still and silent, as if they are listening. I witnessed it once and only once. In theory, Svene speaks to them and tells them what she needs, but if they heard anything at all, it must have been in their heads, for as I watched, I heard nothing but the silence of the foothills.
Natural Wonder

Cover image: The Thirteen Magics of Svene by Molly Marjorie


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