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Tascone War Memorial

If you have ever been to the city of Tascone, you are likely familiar with the war memorial at the center of the city. Built in 1766, the memorial honors the "valiant efforts of the soldiers who eradicated Svene of the magical menace." I'm sure you know, even if you weren't born into any magical community, that it's controversial. Even among the non-magical, there are those who believe that we should seek out a way of returning magic to the world. As a result, the memorial is often graffitied. Now here's something you probably don't know: the graffiti isn't done by protesters. It's done by Scavengers . And it's not graffiti. It's a code. Because the war memorial is the favorite places for exchanging information.

Purpose / Function

The memorial was commissioned by Edward Hunter so that no child in Tascone would forget that the people of Svene had once been under the thumb of wizards and had freed themselves by ending magic. Hunter was an adamant supporter of the No Magic movement, which was revived in the 18th century in opposition to the growing Magic Resurrection movement, who believed that the world would be improved with the use of magic and sought to return it. Though both groups still exist, neither is as strong as in the 18th century, and the memorial is frequented by school groups and families, if only to teach children about the history of how and why people first came to Svene. Three times a year, the city holds a public concert in front of the memorial.


Though no sanctioned alterations have been made, the site became a common place for graffiti about thirty years ago. The graffiti is usually on the central floor and steps of the memorial, though it is sometimes found on the columns. There are a distinct set of symbols used, though different stylistic markers indicate several artists. When the symbols first appeared, they were thought to be some form of protest from the Magic Resurrection League, though there was no proof of this. For several months, there was an attempt to catch and stop the graffiti artists. Because the memorial is outside, it cannot be locked up, though nearby lights were left on longer and police were stationed to watch it. This cut down on the graffiti, but the city decided it was a waste of resources, especially after it was discovered that the graffiti was always done in chalk or paint that easily washed off with water.   The graffiti is actually a way that Scavengers communicate with each other. Different symbols indicate the type of magic that a Scavenger has for trade and when they can be available for that trade. The marks are easily washable because Scavengers use the same places to advertise and need to be able to easily remove old advertisements. Sometime in the 1940s, a Scavenger liked the irony of advertising at the war memorial, but it turns out it's a good place to advertise. It's in the center of town and a well-frequented area. It's one of the best places to reach a large number of people. Whenever I'm in Tascone, I check the place out.


The memorial consists of four ten-foot columns in a a circle, holding up the domed roof of the monument. There are also four steps leading up to it between each set of columns. Each column represents one of the four planets the people of Svene came from, and each column is a different color: black, grey, green, and yellow. The steps and the dome are white, but the floor is a reddish-brown to represent the blood shed during the Magic War. In the center of the four columns is a metal tree, which represents the life that grew out of the new world after the Magic War. Around the dome, are the words, "in honor of the valient efforts of soldiers who eradicated Svene of the magical menace."
Memorial / War Memorial
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