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Pedal Car

Though Mechanicals are responsible for many of the advancements behind modern cars, they don't seem very interested in them. If you happen to visit a Mechnical community, you will find that those families who do have cars often leave them in their garages. Roads are usually paved, but narrow, and the most popular way to get around is via bicycle. Furthermore, each Mechanical community seems to have its own flair, as Mechanicals seem far more interested in developing and refining bicycles than cars. But the most famous of the Mechnical bicycle inventions are likely the pedal cars of Rayl.
Pedal cars are so called because they resemble a car. They have four wheels and a metal frame. Though there are not doors, most have canvas which can pulled around the frame to protect the passengers in the event of bad weather. They also have a steering wheel to turn the tires, but rather than an engine, there is a set of pedals at the foot of each of the four seats, and the pedaling of the passengers is what propels the vehicle forward.
They were created by Mechanicals moving into Rayl during the time that locals were trying to abolish Meache Factory, due to its pollution. There was a demand for energy sources that didn't cause pollution, and the idea of the pedal car took quick hold. Almost everyone in Rayl uses them, and engine cars (that's what we call them here) are only for traveling outside the city. A lot of people don't have engine cars at all, since they just use publc transportation to get places, even if they're going to another city.
Pedal cars also have hand breaks, near the steering wheel, and some have a key, so you can lock the hand breaks, and the wheels won't move at all. It makes them harder to steal. Most of them have four seats, but some have six, and some rows have a kid's seat in the middle.

Cover image: The Thirteen Magics of Svene by Molly Marjorie


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