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Is'mel Crags

Where the Diveguard Crags are considered one the most beautiful places in all of Svene, the Is'mel Crags are the opposite. Located in the rain shadow of the Eravelra Mountains, they are a group of lower peaks which tend to be dry, cold, and subject to harsh winds.


The Is'mel Crags are a group of jagged hills which are part of the Lanefrost Steppe. Though they are considered the tallest point on the Lanefrost Steppe, they in no way compare to the height of the nearby Eravelra Mountains.

Fauna & Flora

The lack of nearby rivers and low precipitation in the area means that no trees grow nearby, though a variety of grasses, as well as rhubarb plants, can be found there. Most other plants do not grow well, even when tended by people, as the soil is poor. Animals found in the area are generally tough-hided grazing animals and include antelope, several rodent species, and the Eravelran Fox.

Natural Resources

The few small communities that live in the Lanefrost steppe hunt antelope and foxes, eating the meat and using their pelts to keep warm during the cold winters. The also collect rhubarb from the plants in the area. The Is'mel Crags themselves are home to a rare flower which can be used a heart medicine. The most commonly sought out resource in the area, however, is the wind.   Do to the lack of trees, the Is'mel crags are known for their harsh winds, and for centuries, Incorporals have tried to test their strength against these winds by trying to control them, or for the most daring, by becoming incorporeal and trying to ride the strong current of the wind and still return to the spell stone before the power of the spell breaks it. In the past, nearby Incorporeal teachers used this as a final method to test the ability of their students. Though many modern Incorporeals condemn this practice, others view it as a daring feat--a challenge akin to scaling a high mountain.
Mountain / Hill

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