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Gravity Relapse

I know I am getting old because it is harder to stand up. Walking is a chore. Svene's gravity is pulling on me harder than ever and soon it will be time for me to return to it.   --Weightcaster on aging


Though there is no research to prove this theory, most Weightcasters believe that Gravity Relapse is caused by gravity re-balancing within a person. In short, because a person made objects lighter in the past, the gravity that was negated returns to the person. Alternately, because a person made objects heavier in the past, the extra gravity they used is now leaving them.


Gravity Relapse occurs when a person grows heavier. This is not mere weight gain, as patients who have it often describe simple activities such as walking and standing becoming more difficult, as if the planet is pulling harder on their bodies. In some rare cases, a person becomes lighter instead, and can even be seen to jump higher, as if gravity affects them less.


There is no known treatment for Gravity Relapse, though regular exercise does seem to slow progression.


When a person develops Gravity Relapse, they usually notice their body growing heavier. Ordinary tasks such as standing and walking become increasingly more difficult. Eventually it is so difficult for a person to walk that they become bedridden.

Affected Groups

Gravity Relapse almost exclusivly affects Weightcasters, though some Scavengers have been known to develop the condition. It usually begins when a person is in their seventies or later, though there have been some documented cases of it occurring earlier. Onset often occurs earlier for Scavengers, likely because they do not know how to properly manage the condition or the magic that causes it.


Because Weightcasters believe that the cause of the condition is due to magic use, the best way to prevent it is to limit use of magic, though some carefully try to balance the amount of casting they do to make things heavier versus to make things lighter. Regular exercise also seems to stave off the condition.

Cultural Reception

Outside of Weightcaster communities, the condition is usually met with confusion. Therefore, when Weightcasters are aging, especially if they feel the onset of Gravity Relapse, they usually return to Weightcaster communities, where they can be cared for by people who understand it.
Chronic, Acquired

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