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Ghost Speaker Houses

When I came upon the house, I thought from the variety of colors that the owners having run out of one color of paint, the owners merely continued in another. But once entering, I found the inside was no different than the outside. Yet despite the array of colors and patterns, the decorations did not look garish, but somehow fit together.   --Description of a Ghost Speaker home
  Being relatively transient, Ghost Speakers will make home anywhere, and find whatever homes are available in the area. Though they prefer homes with lots of windows and natural lights, they are not particularly picky. Ghost Speakers will (and do!) live in tents if necessary. Nevertheless, a Ghost Speaker's home, if you know what to look for, can be easily recognized.   Ghost Speaker homes are known for being colorful. This is mainly because the use of color and color patterning are integral to the magic they use to catch and contain souls before they return them to the land of the dead. Therefore, if a Ghost Speaker has lived in one place for a long time and has the ability to pain their own home, the walls are likely to be pale, but bright colors, such as yellow, pink, and green. The outsides of their homes often use multiple bright colors. Each wall might be a different color, with door and window frames being something else entirely. Curtains (death walkers rarely use blinds) are often patterned, as are rugs. Tile floors, when possible, are also done in bright colors and patterns.   Even if a Ghost Speaker does not expect to live in one place for long, or otherwise cannot paint their home, their houses are still colorful on the inside. Furniture, if not brightly colored, is made of stained wood and the walls have extensive artwork. Ghost speakers also like objects that are both colorful and useful. This can include brightly colored plates and glasses, outlet covers, and decorative lighting. I even met a ghost speaker who made quilts. Most Ghost Speaker artwork is homemade. Every ghost speaker has, somewhere in their home, a shelf of seemingly unconnected knick-knacks. If you find the shelf, do not touch it! These are where ghost speakers store souls before they can release them to the land of the dead. You will know the shelf because it likely also holds their speaking sticks.   The least colorful part of a ghost speaker's house is usually the library, as if they can hide their books by making them drab. Though ghost speaker stories are primarily passed on through oral tradition, many have transcribed copies of these poems, as well as diaries and books on burial rites. Ghost Speaker libraries are usually quite small, often a single shelf. Nevertheless, they can be hard to dig through for useful information, though a Scavenger with a keen eye can find hidden gems.
colorful Ghost Speaker quilt used to attract lost souls

Cover image: by Eduardo Sanchez


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