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Breath fabric

As with everything, the Fire Spirits associate clothing with the three elements of heat, breath, and illumination. Almost all fire spirit clothes are made of one or more of the three basic fabrics, which are named for their representative elements. Breath fabric is the most lightweight of the three, and typically used in warm weather tops for both genders.


Material Characteristics

Breath fabric is a slightly stretchy woven fabric that is very lightweight and usually translucent. It is often slightly rough to the touch, though the texture is somewhat dependent on the type of fibers used to make it. It is also usually slightly shiny. It frays very easily however, and the delicacy of the fabric can make it difficult to sew.


In the past, breath fabric was exclusively woven from silk fibers. In the last 50 years, however, the Fire Spirits have developed a synthetic fiber that is more durable. Breath fabric can be made exclusively out of this fiber or combined with silk. This fiber is now used worldwide.

Origin & Source

It's unclear when people began making breath fabric, but it is likely that early Fire Spirits lived in a place with hot summers where silk was readily accessible and thus developed it out of necessity.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Breath fabric is most commonly used for clothing during the hot, summer months. It is usually used for tops, though it is sometimes used for other articles of clothing, such as skirts, dresses, and scarves. It is commonly worn by all genders.
If you have a strong sense of smell, the synthetic stuff smells just a tad plasticy. Other than that, it doesn't reall have a smell.
Why do you keep wanting to taste everything? I'm starting to think you're not actually from Svene. It tastes rough and bland... kind of like the clothes you're wearing.
Undyed, the fabric is usually and off-white color, though it can be speckled with other colors, depending on the type of silk used. It can be dyed just about any color.

Cover image: The Thirteen Magics of Svene by Molly Marjorie


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