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Anta is the national language of Anthatir. It is spoken by the majority of the country's population, as well as in several of its neighboring countries.

Geographical Distribution

Anta is the national language of Anthatir, though it is also spoken in many of the neighboring countries.


Anta has eight vowels--five front vowels, and three back vowels. The front vowels are further broken up into rounded and unrounded vowels. Words generally exhibit vowel harmony, in which all the vowels of a word fit into one of three categories: front rounded, front unrounded, or back vowels. Vowel length can also change the meaning of a word.   The language is also known for its uvular consonants and its lack of fricatives (except for the glottal h), meaning the language is made up almost entirely of stops, giving it a very percussive sound.


Anta is an agglutinative language, meaning that words are changed and altered via affixation.


Anta usually follows a subject-object-verb structure.


Because the language is primarily used in countries heavily influenced by illusionists, the concept of imagination heavily permeates common words and phrases. This can be seen in idioms such as "fight with your mind," meaning to see through a deception, as an Illusionist might see through the Illusion work of another person and "can't imagine a hamburger in a desert," describing someone who is unimaginative or uncreative. The latter example comes from the idea that the person is so unimaginative they imagine food even if they are starving. Even words like, "aeqi," meaning "make it appear," reveal the connection to Illusion magic. This verb often refers to making an illusion appear, and used as a command, usually implies that someone should prove they can do what they claim. Culturally, the word implies that a person is claiming they can work illusion magic, but has not proven themselves by making the claimed illusion appear.
Common Phrases
houdwa sen im oup
see through deception (literal: fight with your mind)
--o ghypkog gym houk gete::unimaginative (literal: can't find a hamburger in the desert) --uqou ghypkogog::very creative (literal: true believer) --o jou oub::ruin another person's happy moment (literal: blow away a picture) --aeqi::offer proof or support for a claim (literal: make it appear)
Common Female Names
Bitin, Poutu, Niteni
Common Male Names
Suhou, Wotou, Jutan
Common Unisex Names
Dyti, Titi, Kanda

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