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The Okuda Cluster

Early 5016U

Created by

Over four hundred years ago, the anthrochauvinist regime of Union's SecComm came to an end with the rise of ThirdComm. Although this new government brought enlightenment to the core of human space, in the far reaches of colonized space many pockets of the old tyranny remained.   The Okuda Cluster is one such place.   Consisting of a small group of unusually close solar systems, the Cluster has become to private fief of a chain of tyrants still clinging to the ways of the long dead SecComm. Under their rule, the lives of the ordinary people are difficult. In the gaps between government oversight, though, there are room for numerous small companies to operate and make a living...

Current Campaigns

Let the World Burn Away
The crew of the Sunjammer, under the direction of Captain Emmen Khal, make their way in an unfriendly world.  
Vehicle | Mar 16, 2021