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Let the World Burn Away

A Lancer game In the world of The Okuda Cluster
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Sun 14th March 2021 20:00

Episode Two: Power in Your Hands

The second of the prologue missions, this one focusing on Simon and the mission that lead to him joining the Sunjammer.   In search of ancient technology and an answer to his burning questions about NHPs, Simon purchases information that leads him to a small moon at the edge of the Okuda Cluster...

Thu 11th March 2021 19:30

Episode One: The Moon is Rising

The first of the prologue missions, this one focusing on Mack and his first outing as a member of the crew of the Sunjammer.   The Golden Star Company is hired by a government official to recover one of their family members and bring them to safety - but will it go off without a hitch or will something go terribly wrong?

The Protagonists

Principe Símon Ibanez


Io Sabir

Vincent Ambrose