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Sabrina Williams

Sabrina Williams (a.k.a. the Getaway Driver)

Sabrina was never one for arguing. So she put her head down, and did what she was told. After all, she was just the driver. She got into the car and stayed there with the keys in the ignition and her foot on the gas pedal. That's all she was good for anyways.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sabrina grew up in the Cheetah family, the getaway drivers. She grew up in a fairly normal household, compared to the rest of her teammates. Her mom was kind and never demanded she obey specific rules. Her dad was strict, but loved her and cared for her safety, taking several months to go through traffic safety laws.

However, Sabrina was constantly monitored. For the first thirteen years of her life, her parents never left her side and she never left theirs. They monitored her and made sure she would qualify for the Cheetah test.

After the thirteen years were over and her parents had finished watching her attention span, her attention to detail, and her reaction time, they allowed her to start driving.


At home, she kept her head down and studied the rules of the road and waited for the day her dad would hand her the car keys and teach her how to drive

When Sabrina was 15 she joined her cousins in high school. She did not mind going to public school, and almost welcomed it when the time came. It was a little time away from her parents, and she found the freedom to be exhilarating at times. She enjoyed many of her classes, excelling at Algebra in particular.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Sabrina has many achievements, some of which she is proud of. One of her first achievements was receiving honor roll for the first time. Her proudest accomplishment was being able to do a donut in the school parking lot.

However, one of Sabrina's greatest success's has been in being a good teammate.


Theodore Wolfe

Secret Boyfriend (Vital)

Towards Sabrina Williams



Sabrina Williams

Secret Girlfriend (Vital)

Towards Theodore Wolfe



Current Status
overthinking her driving skills
dark green with glasses
short, curly, red


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