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The New World

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The New World is the setting for the Ascendant Chronicles, a dark fantasy with science-fiction elements. Its set around five hundreds years from now in a world that was broken and changed by an apoclyptic event called the Cataclysm that saw not only global enviromental diasters and massive lots of life but also the release of occult forces into the world, unleashing strange creatures and entities.

New nations, faiths and ways of living have emerged from the ruins of the old and humans clash not not just with one another but also the mysterious entities they share the world with. Savage tribes of canibals and worshippers of dark Gods add to the hardships and thus it is a dark and dangerous time where the strong dominate the weak and civilisation struggles to survive in an ever more hostile world.

But now oracles and prophets speak of the End Time. An evil that has been dormant for centuries is slowly awakening and will seek to finish what was begun long ago.