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The Fupping Curse *WIP*

This is the curse placed on the Gnomes by the Fey. Named after the Fey who cast it, Fupcups. It is what shrinks them down from Vanilla size. It's passed down through the family. If a giant marries a gnome, they shrink down to gnome size. That's how you get a gnome named Ginny (pronounced 'Inny'). A dwarf that has been fupped will still have her beard.   The Fey say it's reversible. All the Gnomes have to do is find the grail and all their troubles will be gone.


Long ago there were several families of Vanilla Humans that settled, unbeknownst to them, too close to a fairy mound (fungal nexus). These humans were a rowdy bunch and prone to loud parties. The local fey soon grew tired of their new neighbors. When the fey's complaints fell on deaf and uncaring ears, the fey grew angry and a curse was born. During a tournament for who was the biggest and strongest, the fey cursed the families to be the very opposite: small and weak. About one hundred people were now no taller than the knees for their 'normal' friends. From that day forward, the clueless Gnomes (a group name made up from the names of those afflicted families) searched far and wide for a cure. And thus the Quest was born and a dedicated order to serve it; the Grail Gknights.


A human, of any stripe, being reduced down to about 2ft tall, about half the size of a Dwarf.


Drink with Fupcup,
Drink from the grail.
When you see the bottoms up,
Your problems will all avail.
That is all the Fey told them. And the Fey knew full well the Gnomes would ignore the 'g'...


Affected Species


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