Robots *WIP* Species in The Mycobiota of Lilienwelt | World Anvil

Robots *WIP*

  • Originally worked to separate and sort the vast fields of trash on the planet as it was being terraformed.
  • How would fungus affect electronics?
  • Durning the Giant War, a lot of these robots were used as a basis for building the mechas. 
  • Now a days, these things are antiques and have been running around for centuries.
  • Most still stand were they ran down. But they are treated with reverence and respect because without them there would be no place to live.
  • They are treated like standing stones, like Stonehenge, built by the ancients who came before. In fact many robots face the sun to receive the best light before they stopped functioning.
  • Legends says that they are still “alive” and can be woken up, if they have enough power.


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