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Gknights *WIP* (Ni, Ping, and Nee-womm.)

Defenders of the weak and champions of justice, gnome knights, simply called gknights, are the fighting arm of the Gnome (G)empire. These are the toughest, strongest each gnome clan village has to offer. Some are only roamers, gknight-errants, who quest across the land, searching far and wide for the cure for the Fupping Curse. Others revel in the exhibition of sports and tournaments. A good many, though, stay and defend the home front as a police force. But all of them have a strong sense of sportsgnomeship, fair play, and the rules of combat. Of honor and righteousness! For the Honor of Beige Skull!   In the spirit of competition, the gknights in joust mode like to compete with each other in the Gnome Games (remember not to pronounce the 'g'). Trick riding, barrel racing, steeple chase, gknife fighting, gknife throwing, arm wrestling, leg wrestling, actual jousting, and other sports (depending on the town and region) are all events that can happen at the Games. Every clan has their own team of gknights that represents them in the Games. Rivalries within towns are more lighthearted than the rivalries between towns, but that doesn't stop them from throwing hands and elbows. Lots of color, like European and American Football teams. Gnomes are very passionate about their teams and some clan rivalries are so bad that roaming gknights of those factions will fight on sight.   Speaking of roaming gknights; those not competing in any Games or active police, are called upon be the Gemperor to partake in the Quest. After the Fupping Curse was laid on the Gnome people, the gknights were formed to seek out a cure. With only a riddle about a 'grail' to go on, the noble gknights be   they created a special order, knights that would go forth and seek out the cure. They were given one riddle to go on     The Quest! And reason for roaming! A cure for the curse! The curse word is fupped. The gnomes are fupped. To "fup someone up" is to chop them down to size.
  • Gnome height is from curse. From anceister, all family cursed. Marry into family become small, gaint marries gnome, shrinks to small size.
  • Gnome knights questing to find cure.
  • A roaming gknight is one looking for a fight, mostly to fight other things not another gnome. Stuff like the olms (the Gnomes might even call them cockatrices or basilisks, but I think those are two different things and not just two names for the same thing) and deed of heroism and other 'normal knight stuff'.
        *Not finished!!!*



There is a large percent of the population that are gknights.


And being true knights, every gknight is kitted out in a suit of some kind of armor. The style (may) denote their rank or level of training or type of gknight their are or their specialty: linothorax (that laminated linen armor), chainmail, scalemail, piecemeal platemail (like just a helmet or breastplate and everything else is chainmail), or full plate. Seeing as full plate would be very expensive, only veteran gknights, the elite fighters, would have a full suit. Mostly you only see Paladins, the Gemperor's guard, with full plate. If you see a roaming gknight in the wild in full plate, leave them alone. Fup around and find out and you will receive more than a flesh wound. Most of the armor an average gknight will wear is not made from pots and pans, or other scape metal. Those are worn as makeshift armor by civilians. Real gknights have armor made by skilled gnome blacksmiths and armor smiths that is custom fit to that gknight. Over that armor, regardless of what kind, a gknight always wears a cloth robe-like tabard or surcoat that denotes what village and team they are from. These surcoats will have the gknights' coat of arms and team colors painted on it.


The primary weapon of gknights are (g)knives. These gknives are more like German messer knives than daggers. Technically swords because of the long length, but also technically knives because of the handle construction and having a single sharpened edge, these gknives are the battle versions of the 'common street butter knife' and a nod to that heritage. A human uses a sword, a gnome uses a gknife. It is also not uncommon to see a gknight carrying a spear, halberd, or trident-like fork. What is uncommon, but not unheard of, is the rare battle spoon. It would make sense if the large spoon was flattened and the edge used more as an axe, but that's thinking like a Vanilla. A gnome would use the back of the bowl more like a hammer.


The last piece of the gknight puzzle is their steeds; the mighty battle chicken. Big, beefy chickens; some breed for speed, some for distance or being able to carry heavy loads, but most are well rounded. The chicken are also armored and dangerous.


They will challenge anyone or thing they see as being an unfair or unjust (g)knave, to a duel. A gknight will not suffer a gknave. Or anyone or thing they see as being the best, to test themselves. So it comes as no surprise that gknights get into a lot of fights and have a lot of scars and battle wounds. Some fights they start, others they join, but regardless they sure as fup will finish them. If things escalate into civil wars, all roaming gknights (those not in the Games, but in the field) are called back to help settle things.


As it is dangerous to go alone, most gknights travel with a companion in a pointy, conical hat. Most often, these are preteen and teenage (of any gender) pages or squires in student hats. Being pretty scrappy, they will often try to help in a fight. Mostly they watch and learn and patch up the gknights when they get hurt. They also set up camp and are more like assistants and gofers. But fret not, noble gknight! Lots of wizard gnomes, or battle mages, thirst for adventure and seek to partake in the Quest and will also ride with the pages and squires.


Long ago, when the Curse first laid low the obnoxious Gnomes and the Quest for the Cure began, two special orders of noble knights answered the call. One mostly manned by wizard gnomes, the SPAN Inquisition, that investigates and researches all the possible meaning of the word   and rode out to every corner of Lilienwelt looking for the Grail. These gknights hunted, and fought, anything that had anything to do with 'rails; they looked for railroads new and old, they looked for railing on buildings, and even for a rail bird. could get them closer to a cure. To this day the gknights still search, though most go looking for other things like personal glory. The Gnomes as a people have all but expected their faith and for many it is a point of pride. Originally the gknights were created to free the people, now they mostly defend and entertain them.

Historical loyalties

Only the Grail Gknights are on the original quest.
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