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Giants *WIP*

  • Human, came from Outside.
  • Either 10ft, 20ft, or 30ft tall. Need to research more.
  • 70' style??? Bellbottoms? Big floral prints and pale plaids snap-closing shirts with wide collars? Prairie skirts? Newsboy hats? Feathered and big curly hair?
  • Most are merchants; long legs and stamina (???) make them able to cross vast distances fast on land. Bring goods from Outside (off world).
  • Though there is a large group of "miniature enthusiasts" and giants that think the other smaller humans are 'cute', for most it is just a job. There's a whole subculture around the miniature enthusiasts and importing tiny versions of normal giant things. They export handmade clothes and furniture for mostly "vanilla" humans. Due to the difference in scale, to the Giants every thing they make for "vanillas" and others is considered miniature or doll clothes. Sometimes they get the scale wrong and you will get human sized sweaters, but with big stitches. Like very chunky stitches. And large prints, like one flower would take up half or all of the shirt.
  • Shirts and pants closed with snaps or velcro-like strips for gnome clothes.
  • They may even have there own flocks of sheep or muskox planet-side. Or more probably, they print the string and yarn to make stuff. A kind of rayon? (research that)
  • Machines can knit and make lace, but no machine can crochet.
  • It's cheaper to buy gaint-made things because they can make them so fast and so many, but often they are rougher and sometimes the proportions are off. Sleeves too long or too short, same for the pants.
  • Giants are literally 'big business', lol.
  • They also emport giant sized food, too. But like what, though? What do the Giants eat??? Elephant bird eggs???

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Most names are pronounced the same as “normal” names, but they are spelled with an extra consonant. Sarra. Davve. Emmma. Johnny.
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