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In Debleron there is only one god that is currently worshipped: Moradin.  

The Old Gods

While Moradin has been the worshipped diety for all of recorded history, there is some evidence in lost artifacts that there we other gods, though their names are lost. The most compelling evidence to this so far is the fact that the outcasts from Zomeaterra do not worship Moradin. Given the long lifespan of elves, the eldest of elves can remember the old gods, but choose not to speak about it to outsiders due to their hatred of the outside world.  


Moradin is known as the god of all good and hope. He is known to represent every form of virtue possible and by being in Moradins good graces can protect you from vices. Because of this universal doctrine, many people worship Moradin to some degree. Some prefer to use his teachings to lead better lives, while some are more devout and push a more radical devotion to the cause and try to full embody the teachings of Mordain.

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