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Zomeaterra is a city located within the southern forests of Gubrarat. It acts as its own independent city state and has resisted any attempt at invasion.  

Bastion of the Elves

Zomeaterra is a city that has existed before the collapse of the Imperium. Nearly all of the worlds elven population resides with in the forest and those who do not are generally considered outcasts. They are extremely wary of outsiders and do not generally take kindly to guests.   From what little has been learnt from them, it seems that the Imperium was extremely anti-elf, and instead of wiping them out, simply banished them to the forest. It was here that Zomeaterra was founded. Despite the Imperium collapse, the elves of Zomeaterra refuse to interact with the outside world, building a mistrust of anything and anyone who isn't elven. They might know what happened to the Imperium, but good luck getting them to talk.

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