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Defeat of the Salt Swamp Monster

Images by Kbignell via Midjourney
In the winter of turn 3038 PB, a royal announcement was made in the city of Retinor and echoed magically through out the kingdom in every town, village, and city, declaring with great pride and joy that the Salt Swamp Monster that had been terrorizing the north of Malminar for 38 years had been killed, along with the Warlock who had been controlling it. The news was met with great joy throughout the kingdom, but no place more so than the villages and towns in the north that had been hit the hardest by this Demonic creature.   "Citizens of Malminar, subjects of the King, rejoice today and know that the scourge that has plagued Malminar for so many turns now has ended on this day. The First Mage, Tybour Insuritor sallied forth ten days ago with a contingent of Wizards and warriors and hunted the Salt Swamp monster and its Warlock into the very swamp in which they lived. There they surrounded the monsters and, at great personal risk to themselves, fought and defeated both Warlock and monster. The battle was long and cost several lives, but in the end, Tybour slew the monster himself and proceeded to track down and kill the Warlock in single combat.     We thank and congratulate First Mage Tybour Insuritor for his dedication to duty and his incredible skill. We thank those who followed him into battle and ultimately defeated the evil that threated our lives for so long.     We also thank those who gave their lives, sacrificing their all for the safety and wellbeing of others. Please keep their families in your thoughts and express your gratitude when you can. Heath Nanidoor Waybornn Tyni Quell Wanta Ourdon Ute Cantae Dourtan Balta Ipon Want Boritap Handoo Samit Lawton     The country is grateful, the government of Malminar is grateful, and His Royal Highness King Ustus Malminar is grateful for these fine souls and their deeds."
by Kbignell via Midjourney
Decree, Royal
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