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Monetæ Temporis

"Of all the sections in the Codex Pontis, the one dealing with the Monetæ Temporis is the largest. It seems that everyone always wants to have either more time, or the chance to change their past. Most of the transactions we will be documenting will involve these coins." - excerpt from the instructions to new priest-auditors of the Aurelian Bridge

Of all the coins created by the Aurelian Bridge, the most common are those that deal with the purchase of time. They come in multiple denominations (representing different amounts of time they can affect), and two major types: The Coins of Lost Time, and the Coins of Found Time.

The Coins of Lost Time allow the purchaser to replay events over a certain period. The coin rewrites the world so that a particular period of time didn't happen, and must be passed through again. The purchaser retains the memory of the original reality, and can use that to change how they behaved and what choices they made. Other people may retain fleeting impressions of the previous timeline, mostly in the form of deja vu, but their actions will be almost identical to the original iteration except where they intersect with the purchaser.

The Coins of Found Time are a little different. Instead of undoing the events of the past, these coins compress them so that the past happened a little faster, providing the purchaser with more time at the present moment. For example, the One Hour Coin of Found Time will impact all the recent events in the purchaser's history, causing each to have happened just a little bit faster so that they find themselves with a spare hour at the end of it. World events around them are not changed unless they would directly impact the history of the purchaser; this coin tends to ripple changes throughout the world, and there can be unexpected alterations. The changes will be more profound when larger amounts of time are impacted.

Like all of the Aurelian Coins, the use of the Monetæ Temporis has wide-reaching impacts. People whose histories and realities are rewritten will experience glimpses of those alternate timelines. Some will find the experience too much to bear, and their minds will crack under the strain of reconciling the new and old truths. This is more likely with the higher denominations, as more people will be impacted by these alterations.

The smallest denomination of the Monetæ Temporis will impact about four minutes of time, while the largest ever recorded changed time over a year and a day. It is unknown if any larger coins have been created by the Bridge, or how many intermediate denominations there may be. Periods of twenty minutes, an hour, a day, a month, and a season have all been recorded in the Codex Pontis.


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