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the sexuality ratio in magic users

by a research document raleasd by the great school of magic. the average queer ratio in creates that uses cormonix magic (such as akeil humans, vampires, werewolf etc.) is this:   21% - straight: attracted only to the opposite (binary) gender. boy x girl. 41% - gay/lesbian: attracted only to the same gender. boy x boy / girl x girl. 32% - bi/pansexual: attracted to more then on gender.  4% -  aro/ace: people how feel close to or none sexual and/or romantic attraction. 2% - other: anything on top, beneath, on the side or in the middle of all of the formers.   researchers are not 100% sure why exactly there is a deference in the sxuality ratio between creatures the use and dont use mgic. the most popular thesis, is that because most creatures that  uses magic are able to reproduce from same-sex intercorse, many species have evolved towards the easier and less dangers type of pregnancy.  although there are more theories, in the lack of willingness to explain, from the gods of sexuality and gender. any thesis abut the reasons will not be regarded yet as more then a theory.

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