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The dark is where the bloodsuckers live.
— note scrawled in blood in an abandoned shack in southwestern Ontario
  The enduring image of the Vampire in many cultures of the multiverse is a group of cannibalistic killers who strike from the shadows and drink people's blood like wine. But the truth is that those affected by Vampirism come in many different forms. Some vampires cannot stand the sunlight without burning; others find it annoying but tolerable. Some can eat regular food and drink; others find the taste so appalling that they get sick just thinking about it. There is no one, "true" definition of the vampire in the Multiverse...which makes them exceptionally dangerous.  


The disease is passed on when an infected creature bites another but does not kill them. The early stages of infection resemble chronic fatigue or a depressive episode; the affected person will not accept food or drink, work outside for long periods of time and generally have a listless appearance. The fatigue gets worse and worse until eventually they fall asleep and never wake up. Then the new vampire rises from their deathbed to wreak havoc on the living.
Chronic, Acquired
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