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Plains Shadows

Report: Dead body discovered 28 Me'elquil 4E 377   Observations: body found drained of life at the side of the highway clutching at throat. terrified expression.    Suspected cause of death: Plains Shadow
One never travels at night across the Lorian Plain. To do so is to invite all kinds of unsavoury creatures, such as gnolls or bandits. But the most terrifying of them are the Plains Shadows, the tortured souls of those who die a violent death along the highways. The spirits have enough physicality to grab onto people, force their mouths open, and drain the life out of them to try to regain a semblance of their previous life. They are thankfully rare, but not rare enough that one can be assured of never encountering one...
Geographic Distribution
They resemble gouts of person-shaped black smoke with clearly defined edges
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