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The Furious Vein

When the volcano known as Malrokum erupted in southern Isturoth, an event known as The Displacement, it irreparably damaged the landscape for miles. Over time, much of the violence has subsided, despite the moutain still smoking and oozing lava.   From its peak, a river of boiling magma streams down the side of the volcano and runs across fields of devastation where there once were villages until it reaches a stream of mountain water and rapidly cools. This is known as the "Furious Vein", a remnant of Jokhos' Wrath when they exploded from deep within the ground to wreck devastation upon the Isturian people.


Starting from nearly the top of the volcano, lava continues to spill out the side where it exploded so many years ago. It streams down the side and along a valley of shattered rocks and cooled lava flows for nearly a kilometre. At its end, it hits a natural river of water where it has created an endless veil of steam as it spills into the once-pure source of water, now polluted by the toxic minerals in the lava.

Natural Resources

Despite the devastation, the Furious Vein is a popular source of obsidian, the surrounding area containing some of the largest intact shards seen in the kingdom.


It is named after the volcanic event that spawned it, Jokhosh's Wrath. It is said that it was the god of rage and destruction that caused the initial disaster, and what we are seeing now is a remnant of the god's primal fury. It serves as a reminder for many, of what was lost and what destructive forces are able to do in Isturoth.
Lava river

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